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All products on this site have been manufactured in the Holy Land by my hand since 1996 using exclusive and unique manufacturing methods. These products have been sold over the years to hundreds of thousands of happy consumers from around the world. Following the changes in the world since 2020 and the inability to make a pilgrimage to the holy places we are interested in bringing the holy land of Jerusalem to as many believers as possible in every possible way.

If you are interested in marketing or distributing these products to your business or social community or if you own a suitable store or you are interested in purchasing a commercial quantity of products I would love to hear from you with more details and you will get an answer from me soon.

We offer here a sample set for you that includes 6 types of leading pendants 4 of each type + 2 types of leading keychains, 4 of each type, (see the variety of examples in the changing photos) A total of 32 items for only $ 480, this price includes delivery.

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