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My name is Ishay David Gabinet, an Israeli designer and producer.
My art has been always inspired by my love of history, archeology and the common beauty of all people from all religions while hoping for a better world and better life.

My first product is called 'Holly Steps' - orthopedic insoles made from the soil of Gethsemane Jerusalem - allow everyone to walk in Jesus' footsteps. ‘Holy Steps’ has been accepted as patent pending No. 118037 in the patent office at Jerusalem.

Today, due to coronavirus which makes it harder to do pilgrimage to the HolyLand I’m privilaged to offer you to have something from the Holy Land that will be with you in each step you take. ‘Holy Steps’ insoles fit all sizes comfortably in all footwear.

‘Holy Steps’ is the perfect gift that everyone will be happy to recieve, enable everyone to fulfill his dream of pilgrimage by walking on the soil of Jerusalem.

All my designed items are inset with sacred soil and tiny stones from Gethsemane garden located in the ancient Mount Olives in the Holy City of Jerusalem,

In 1999 I was certified to use soil from Gethsemane by the 'Church of all Nations' guardian .
You will get a copy of the original certification with any item you will purchase from me..


In the year 2000, i was honored to design a unique historic medal for His Holiness Pope John Paul II,  while I.G. Harmony Ltd was granted the privilege of using the image of Pope John Paul II in a special medallion to commemorate the Pope's visit to the Holy Land.
The first medal from CCLXV - 265 pieces was given to his Holiness while he was visiting the Holy land in March 2000 by the Vatican embassy from Mt. Olive Jerusalem.


The HolyLandWithin™ pendants were all crafted  in the Holy Land by my hands, using an exclusive process.

My top priority is giving you a smooth and enjoyable buying experience.

All items arrive in a jewelry box tied in ribbon...

Perfect for giving or keeping.


Feel free to contact me regarding wholesale and custom orders. 


Thank you,  Ishay David Gabinet

C030 Insoles
Pop medal side 2
Pop medal side 1
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